Welcome to the IPP-HGW Wiki server


In order to use the instances of this wiki, first click on the instance-link on the frontpage.
If no such link exist, the webservice might be hidden and you need to ask your responsible admin for the direct URL.

Logging in

The actual login page then looks like (click to enlarge): login multiplexer

At the moment we offer only two authentication methods.
Either you use your Active Directory account or you use the credentials sent to you by e-mail.

Adjusting your login-methods

This gets you either directly to the modification page or first to an intermediate page:

where you can choose if to logout, go back or modify your account settings: manage Overview

The account settings page itself looks like (click to enlarge): manage Account

You can not change the password of your Active Directory account.

In case of any more questions or problems, do not ask our helpdesk